Group of various stuffed animals assembled by NCAC staff.

MECCC – Build-A-Buddy Event

On Friday, October 14, NCAC staff gathered to assemble stuffed animals and decorate t-shirts as part of their MECCC charity event. Each year NCAC participates by creating a unique event that staff members can participate in to help the community while bonding as an agency. “Having events like this are a great way to get staff from each location together,” says Anthony Romano, Public Relations Associate at NCAC. “It’s a great way to get together as a team, catch-up and support the community.”

Staff members donated ribbon, paint, and other materials to decorate the shirts that the animals would be wearing.

Staff raised over $400 for various charities included in MECCC. An additional way staff are giving back to the community is by donating the completed animals to Our Kids Center. Over 20 animals will be donated for children at the center.

MECCC (Metro Employees Consolidated Charities Campaign) was established for Metro employees to give to the charities of their choice while supporting the community.


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