Top 5 Transferable Skills YOU Need

Looking for a job is tough and when the right one comes a long, there are many people applying that have what it takes, just like you! With so many candidates vying for jobs that have great skills and the right qualifications, what can you do to stand out?

A great way to help differentiate yourself from some other candidates is by having transferable skills. What are transferable skills you ask, they are a certain expertise that you have that can be used across various industries. Here are five transferable skills you can add to your arsenal!

Good communication skills are vital! It’s to your advantage to have the ability to articulate your ideas orally and in writing. You should be a good listener as well. Employers often look for people who can negotiate in an objective manner.

Skill #2 – TEAM WORK
You will be expected to work as part of a team in many jobs.  Reassure employers your value and that you can ‘fit in’ by working with others. Working effectively in a group or team setting is key in achieving goals.

Leadership is all about motivating fellow employees and leading them to work toward a common goal. In addition, leaders analyze tasks and set priorities for the other employees as well as identify and allocate resources that employees need.

Time management, while not very difficult as a concept, it’s surprisingly hard to do in practice. It requires the investment of a little time upfront to prioritize and organize yourself. Employers look for good time management skills in their employees. This leads to increased production and less stress in the workplace. To help with time management, try dividing your tasks into two different categories, Urgent and Important. Urgent tasks demand your immediate attention but it is up to you if you give them that attention. Important tasks matter and need to be addressed to avoid serious consequences.

This skill vital in almost every field of work.  Analytical skills are likely to come in handy when clients face problems and you need to respond efficiently and correctly. To solve various issues, one needs to identify and define the problem prior to coming up with a solution.


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