Update Your Elevator Speech

Your elevator speech doesn’t have to be awkward, embarrassing or intimidating. Trying to sum up your employment history in 30 seconds can be a bit taxing. Some things to keep in mind while constructing your elevator speech include:

  • Focus on accomplishments and achievements
    It doesn’t need to be a laundry list of items, just some of your proudest moments
  • Speak about your motivations
    What inspires you? Technology? Company culture? Share what motivates you to want to achieve more.
  • Keep things looking towards the future
    Show your desire to be a part of more than the here and now.
  • Make it human
    Keep things conversational! Don’t just rattle off facts.

Some additional places to utilize your elevator speech include:

E-mail Signature

An e-mail signature can be seen as an extension of your elevator speech. Keep it simple and relevant. Be sure to include your name and phone number.

Business Card

Think about having your business card printed on both sides. Side A can contain your name and contact information, while Side B can have key points from your elevator speech. Many people utilize the back of a business card for taking notes about the individual who had given it to them. Be memorable by already including those key items you wouldn’t want a potential employer to forget!

LinkedIn Profile

Utilize your LinkedIn profile description to be an extension of your elevator speech. People viewing your profile will read this first  and it will give them a great idea of who you are and what you have to offer.

Don’t forget, an elevator speech is not limited to the confines of the elevator. It’s far more versatile than you might think. Use your elevator speech anywhere you have a profile that introduces you to new people.


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