NCAC Summer Intern – Tafani Thompson

We were pleased to welcome Tafani Thompson to the NCAC family during the Metro Summer Internship Program for 2016.

Tafani is a student at Hunters Lane High School. Her duties while interning at the Nashville Career Advancement Center (Davidson County location) consisted of:

  • Providing exceptional customer service for clients entering the resource center.
  • Misc. office duties (loading printer paper, delivering documents, etc.).
  • Assembling informational packets for unemployment clients.
  • Assist both Metro and State staff members with various administrative duties.

Her supervisor, Aries Moore (Resource Center Liaison, MBA) was very pleased with the work Tafani had done throughout her internship. We’ve asked Aries to share some thoughts on Tafani’s participation in the internship program.

What area(s) did Tafani excel at during her internship?
Tafani excelled in time management. She was always early for her shift, and ready to work. She was able to prioritize her time to attend our Career Development Workshops, assisting at the front desk, and in the resource center.

What do you feel was her greatest strength?
Tafani’s biggest strength was her listening skills, and how she was able to articulate. She is not shy and took direction from me and other Staff members when assisting clients, and took appropriate action. She was able to communicate to our client’s, in a helpful manner, the information that is available in the resource center. She would always ask questions when she was unsure about something.

What skills did you really want to impress upon her during her time at the Career Center?
Tafani is an Honor Student at her school and already possesses the basic skills she needs to excel in her academics (computer knowledge, mathematics, reading and writing) . I informed her to continue to research her major (Pharmacy) to clarify what skills or certification she needs. I did try to stress the importance of being a team player in an office setting, especially at our facility.

Tafani shared her thoughts with us surrounding her internship experience. “I learned that this is a place where people who are starting over or getting back into the workforce get all the help and information they need to make the best of their future. I’ve also learned that the State and Metro employees work together to ensure the best advice and resources available for each individual. At this facility they can file for unemployment, get help from career coaches, attend workshops to build their knowledge of the workplace and attend job fairs.”

Learn more about the Metro Youth Internship Program.


One thought on “NCAC Summer Intern – Tafani Thompson

  1. pat says:

    Loved our interns over the past few months. The ones we had were knowledgeable and brave enough to face the work with a smile and caught on quite quickly. We were able to keep one or two and look forward to another batch of them.


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