10 Things To Remove From Your Resume

On average, an employer will spend 20 seconds reviewing your resume.

In order to grab their attention keep your resume clear, simple and relevant to the position you are applying for. The key is to have enough information to gain the employers interest but still allow room to discuss your resume in greater detail during the interview.

Below are some suggested items that may be worthy of omitting from your resume.

1. Replace your “Objective Statement” with a “Professional Profile”
Your opening paragraph needs to summarize your background and accentuate what you are best at.

2. Remove Fluff Words
Fluff words, or statements, add no real value to your resume. Stick to the facts and express traits by demonstrating them through your achievements.

3. Check Your Grammar
Sentences in your resume should be written like a headline and done in the first person. An example of this can be found with the following statement “I am known for consistently exceeding my sales quotas” which would become “Known for consistently exceeding sales quotas.” Be consistent with having your resume be entirely in first person.

4. Only List One Phone Number
If you need to have multiple phone numbers listed, specify why/when they would need to be used.

5. Do Not Include Discriminating Information
Information such as age, sex, religion, marital status, and ethnicity could be used against you. Some employers are forced to ignore a resume that contains such information because of the chance that they may be accused of discrimination later in the process.

6. Be Specific With Your Education Information
Items such as degree received, major, and institution attended are all appropriate. No need to reveal the year you had graduated, any institutions you may have transferred out of or the high school you had attended.

7. Include Experiences Relevant To Your Job
Be sure that any achievements or abilities that you list on your resume are applicable to the job you are applying for.

8. Remove Technical Skills for Basic Software Programs
Most employers expect candidates to be familiar with basic computer programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

9. Do Not Include References
Unless requested, references should only be provided when asked by the employer. Usually this takes place during the latter part of the interview process. It’s never a good idea to “References Available Upon Request” on your resume.

10. Maintain a Reasonable Length For Your Resume
As a general rule, resumes should not exceed one page. Remember that “less is more”, once you have all your details finalized be sure to format your resume to incorporate necessary white space.

The key to a great resume is to make it about you and your experiences. Cater your resume to the position you are applying.


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