4 Soft Skills Every Employer Wants

Soft skills are important to employers across all industries.  These skills are comprised of personality traits, personal habits, and interpersonal skills. Not only do they showcase your ability to do a job, they are also what can get you hired!

Technical skills are the base level for job candidates while their soft skills are what determine if they will receive a job offer. The two really go hand in hand.

Below are four soft skills that employers are looking for and how you can highlight them during the interview:


Integrity is very important in the workplace and has been ranked higher than industry and job specific skills.

Be sure to show employers you are trustworthy by being completely honest throughout the application process. Do so by accurately representing your skills and experience level on everything. Check for any inconsistencies in job titles, duties, and employment dates.


A strong work ethic is very beneficial to an employer. You can show employers how strong your work ethic is by knowing what employers expect from a candidate and exceed those expectations. Thoroughly research the company and understand why you would be a good fit.

Going above and beyond during the interview process shows employers how hard you are willing to work. Always arrive early to your interview with 15 minutes being just about right. Too early and you may make things a bit awkward, too late…well that would not work out well in your favor.


Employers are looking for team-oriented candidates. A great way to showcase this is by asking your former co-workers to write letters of recommendation that describe what you brought to the team and what it was like working with you.


A positive attitude is ideal in the workplace. It makes for a productive and less stressful environment.

A positive attitude isn’t just in the words you choose and their connotations, it is also found in your body language. Sitting up straight and nodding when the interviewer talks shows them that you are engaged and excited about what they have to say.


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